Working in large scale

Besides other sculptures I am currently working on a large scale commission for the municipality of Nehren. Here are some pictures of the work progress in my studio:

Creation of a stainless steel sculpture

The pictures are a bit older, but since I am often asked how my sculptures are created technicall , I want like to show them here. The photos are from the work on a large three-piece stainless steel sculpture back in 2006. The photos show how much force in needed to keep the inox steel in shape during welding, because stainless steel bends enormously under the welding heat.

Corona Output 2021

The Corona lockdown periods have been quite productive. I found time and energy to tackle “complicated things” and experiment with new forms. Among others, a sculpture was completed that required more than 3,000 welding spots. Here are a few photos of recent work:

6000 welding spots

It’s done. The new sculpture has been welded. More than 6,000 welding spots were needed to assemble the laser-cut parts. The sculpture will be on display in 2021 (if Corona allows, hopefully).

More pictures of the creative process.

The next big thing

I recently began working on a new steel sculpture. In the last two years I created a series of “basket-like” sculptures and this one feels like a bringing this idea to a maximum level. Technically and mentally this is going to be challenging work – several thousand welding spots are waiting. I will expand the picture gallery step by step.