Foto von Jochen Warth bei der Arbeit im Atelier
Bending steel

“I am physically dealing with space. Effort, detours and the resulting slowdown play an important role. In this way, I can reflect and develop space, make it familiar to me, appropriate it – until it belongs to me. “

Jochen Warth

“My preferred material for my sculptures is steel. Clear, reduced, abstract geometric forms, are my artistic subject. The sculptures mostly remain ‘untitled’ because I want to give the viewer room for their own associations and interpretations. My sculptures circumscribe spaces, indicate directions and entice the viewer to follow these forms and viewpoints. All work starts with ordinary steel plates, 1-3 mm thick, which I cut, saw, bend and weld myself. The laborious ‘wrestling’ with the material and the form is an elementary part of my creative process for me. The desired technical perfection is an integral part of my artistic expression.

Jochen Warth
Jochen Warth - Kunst und Skulptur
Video (in German) from 2013 about my sculpture work

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