Public sculpture inaugurated

In 2021 my hometown engaged me to create a sculpture for a central place. On July 15th 2023 the steel sculpture was finally inaugurated an presented to the public. the inauguration happened in the course of a small festival to celebrate the general renovation of this new public place.

The abstract form consists of two arcs (or arms) that encircle or embrace the space in-between while still being open enough to point into different directions. This fits nicely to the idea of a public space where several streets meet and people come together from and spread into different directions. The sculpture is made of (rusty) corten steel and (blank) stainless steel to create a beautiful contrast that emphasizes the graphical appearance of the sculpture.

Group exhibition at Pupille Reutlingen 2023

“momentaufnahme” (momentary) is the motto of the 15 anniversary exhibition of Produzentengalerie Pupille in Reutlingen from 15. Jan until 19. Feb 2023. The exhibtion is a showcase of the gallery’s artists – including Jochen Warth.


Vernissage takes place on Sunday 15. Jan 2023 on 11 o’clock.


Gallery: Produzentengalerie Pupille e.V., Peter-Rosegger-Straße 97, 72762 Reutlingen, Germany. (
Opening hours: From 15. Jan until 19. Feb 2023 every Friday and Sunday between 14 and 17 o’clock.

Group exhibition Künstlerbund Tübingen 2022

As official member of Künstlerbund Tübingen (artists association Tübingen) Jochen Warth takes part in the associations’s annual exhibtion.

Vernissage: Thursday 15 Dec 2022, 19 o’clock.

Duration: from 16. Dec 2022 to 14. Jan 2023

Place: Exhibition spreads across two locations: “Kulturhalle” at Nonnengasse 19 and “Galerie Künstlerbund” at Metzgergasse 3, 72070 Tübingen, Germany

Opening hours: Wed, Thu, Fri 16 – 19 o’clock, Sat 11 – 14 o’clock.

33 artists present their work: Martin Baumann, Ralf Bertscheit, Anita Bialas, Frederick Bunsen, Birgit Dehn, KH Deutschle, Carola Dewor, Ralf Ehmann, Gerhard Feuchter, Annett Frey, Renate Gaisser, Beatrix Giebel, Michael Gompf, Frido Hoberger, Susanne Höfler, Ursula Huth, Susanne Immer, Yvonne Kendall, Gerhard Kilger, A C Klarmann, Gunther Klosinski, Jürgen Klugmann, Dieter Löchle, Dieter Luz, Jürgen Mack, Ulla Marquardt, Tilman Rösch, Helga Seidenthal, Ava Smitmans, Axel von Criegern, Jochen Warth, Marek Zawadzki und Helmuth Zirkelbach.

Group exhibition at KUNSTPOOL Ulm 2022

welcome home! In May and June I will have the great oppotunity to present my artwork in Ulm – the town where I grew up. Togehter with 7 other artists I have been invited by “Kunstpool” gallery to work on the topic “Verweildauer” (dwell time).

Hans Gunsch (drawing, painting),
Regine Krupp-Mez (painting),
Renate Quast (photography),
Inge Rau (gravure printing),
Beatriz Schaaf-Giesser (textile),
Karl Striebel (painting),
Renate Vetter (biological materials),
Jochen Warth (steel)

Vernissage takes place Sun 22 Mai 2022 at 17 o’clock.
Duration: 22 May until 25 Jun 2022
Location: Galerie am Ehinger Tor, 89073 Ulm, Germany
Opening hours: Thu and Fri 17 to 20 o’clock, Sat 15 to 18 o’clock

Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung
Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung VERWEILDAUER in der Galerie Kunstpool in Ulm 2022

Exhibition at gallery FINGUR in Tübingen 2022

Solo exhibition of Jochen Warth’s steel sculptures at Galerie Fingur in the city of Tübingen.

Vernissage takes place on Friday 11 March 2022 at 19 o’clock.
Duration: 12 Mar 2022 until 30 April 2022

Opening hours:
Thu 15 – 20 o’clock
Fri 11 – 16 o’clock
Sat 11 – 16 o’clock

Galerie Fingur
Hintere Grabenstraße 45, 72070 Tübingen, Germany

Skulpturen von Jochen Warth in der Galerie Fingur