Group exhibition at KUNSTPOOL Ulm 2022

welcome home! In May and June I will have the great oppotunity to present my artwork in Ulm – the town where I grew up. Togehter with 7 other artists I have been invited by “Kunstpool” gallery to work on the topic “Verweildauer” (dwell time).

Hans Gunsch (drawing, painting),
Regine Krupp-Mez (painting),
Renate Quast (photography),
Inge Rau (gravure printing),
Beatriz Schaaf-Giesser (textile),
Karl Striebel (painting),
Renate Vetter (biological materials),
Jochen Warth (steel)

Vernissage takes place Sun 22 Mai 2022 at 17 o’clock.
Duration: 22 May until 25 Jun 2022
Location: Galerie am Ehinger Tor, 89073 Ulm, Germany
Opening hours: Thu and Fri 17 to 20 o’clock, Sat 15 to 18 o’clock

Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung
Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung VERWEILDAUER in der Galerie Kunstpool in Ulm 2022